I am Yami Shridhar, a Maharashtrian but actually from the heart, a private elite Mumbai Courtesan, Private Mumbai Independent Escorts for VIPS, that look for a knockout private date, with privacy.

I am absolutely Independent and not associated with any agencies because I run my own business in the city with girls. I’ve been disclosed to it’s special to discover such readiness to please and an absolutely brave identity in one individual, yet basically “your pleasure is my motto” and I’ll persevere relentlessly to ensure you have a great time with me!!

I can be your ideal partner for any event or if your favor we can conceal ourselves in an intimate put, turn the lights down low and I will change into your ideal GFE…. or, then again even your own one of a kind dream….

I have a sexy and hot figure, breathtaking in all the correct spots, which I generally strive to keep in the ideal shape for your satisfaction. I have boundless vitality in the journey for shared joy and you will locate your honorable consideration rewarded with an excited and hot reaction.

With my stylish and social nature, you with find that I am not only a pretty face but rather somebody with Intelligence and beauty.

Extremely conversational, and extraordinary acumen, you will truly acknowledge, spending quality private time with me and colleague Escorts in Mumbai and taking us out, for more than a date.

You with dependably be treated with awesome hospitality, more of a date, a comment well after we meet. Services are, open for upscale gentlemen.

If dates don’t agree on this visit and you are keen on the meeting, at that point call my staff. You never know when I may return for a fortunate experience.

I am looking forward to seeing you soon!


Sympathy and Compassion: Whatever your experience and individual tastes, I will dependably connect with you a non-judgmental and merciful way, face to face and when we convey from a remote place.

Assent and Boundaries: Consent and limits important to fulfilling experiences with Independent escorts in Jaipur. I will dependably expressly look for your assent, toward the begin of our opportunity together and all through, and ask that you do likewise. Limits are essential as well, and I promise to dependably regard yours and anticipate that you will do likewise for me.

Trustworthiness and Communication: I’m a big devotee of direct, open, fair correspondence, and I need to do all that I can to guarantee that we have a great time together! This kind of correspondence is basic for becoming acquainted with each other’s preferences, understanding and regarding limits, and looking for common assent. I comprehend that immediate communication can feel a little awkward now and again, however, it is an integrity for the uprightness of our connection.

Polished Methodology: As an expert buddy giving romantic and private encounters, I pride myself on being simply the most ideal form of my bona fide self when we are as one. That doesn’t imply that I’m impeccable or without imperfections, however, I guarantee that I’m all around rested, in a decent head-space, feeling glad, loose, and vigorous.


I am a bullet to the gun of your erotic creative imagination who knows your fantasies and you energetically more than you. Just you have to hold tight with me, I will take you for idealizing joy.

As renowned Escorts in Jaipur, I am to analyze your wants and afterward to execute them warmly. By hobby, I am friendly by nature. From my birth in the world, I want to look wonderful more than reflect talks, so I never concocted any rationalization to poke on me when to clarify about the meaning of form, style, and polish to keep up. I am around 25 years stunning, sizzling, high end and lovely private companion, with the impeccably curvy figure, long hair, tempting lips, black eyes, and curvy hips. Additionally, you may get me an insightful, rich and knowledgeable, yet rational with an awesome comical inclination. I am wealthiest of a bubbly identity and may converse with anybody anyplace, so you require not stress over my relational abilities.

I always like to go for the outside, films and all things considered… I am a full package you for what you will transform your damn boring time into a thinking back experience ever. I want to run with fascinating refined men to acquire charming minutes together. I am exuberant, amiable and wonderful with a decent comical inclination. I guarantee for the time you will spend in my fellowship will be truly a remarkable minute in your life.

I trust that you would observe me be exceptionally positive about my abilities as an elite girl, as I have had the chance to work close by and gain from, a portion of the best Mumbai Escorts in the business. Thus, while I may not be to everybody’s taste, I am certain that I have enchanted numerous gentlemen who have met me, so I would be more than glad if you too were to become more acquainted with me somewhat more personally.

Should you choose to see me, you will observe me to be something other than a pretty face, as I have a differing scope of outside interests which give me a balanced perspective of the world. My sense of humor is thought to be truly one of a kind, which is a positive preferred standpoint in guaranteeing that you are comforted all through our meeting since the concentrate is particularly on guaranteeing that you have an incredible time. While I am a decent audience, with a genuinely liberal standpoint to life, I am a similarly decent conversationalist, so there will perpetually be a determination of subjects which we could talk about in each other’s company.

To the extent bedroom abilities go, as A-levels are not offered, I trust it is deluding to recommend that I offer a porn star encounter, leaning toward rather to be known as the supplier of an awkward sweetheart ordeal. Here, you will find that I appreciate sharing in a scope of reasonably erotic exercises, in spite of the fact that it merits remembering that specific Mumbai Escorts Service is unmistakably given to my own circumspection. Be that as it may, if you are reasonably spotless and obliging, there is normally no issue in giving them, despite the fact that for a few services, for example, water-sports, I would require some notice keeping in mind the end goal to be appropriately arranged for the amusing to take after.

I take awesome pride in my appearance, which implies that I have a broad collection of garments in my closet obliging every conceivable taste. Along these lines, you can rest guaranteed that you will never be exhausted with my look, as each time we meet will resemble a crisp ordeal, loaded with guarantee and amazement. On the days in which incalls are given, I tend to wear one essential outfit as my dress of the day, in spite of the fact that I do convey a few extra pieces of clothing, unmentionables things, and embellishments as a reinforcement. Regardless, I am very flexible, so should you have a demand for a specific thing, please let me know when the arrangement is made, so I can carry it with me if accessible. On the other hand, if I don’t have a specific thing available to me which you might want me to wear, you could carry another duplicate of it with you, to such an extent that I can display it for our pleasure amid the meeting.

Alongside my sensuous lingerie and outfits, I likewise have a variety of rather more specialty regalia and cosplay outfits for those sessions where some genuine kinkiness is called for. As of now, my accumulation incorporates IPL Cheerleader * Air Hostess * Army * Bunny Girls * Christmas Bunny * Pink Bunny * Baywatch Babe * Mrs. Santa Claus * Shepherdess * Red Riding Hood * Mermaid Dress * Mermaid Catsuit * Sailor * Heavenly Angel.

Notwithstanding my normal Mumbai VIP Escorts offering, in the event that you are keen on extending the limits of your sexual coexistence, one life-changing alternative is to encounter a trio, including you, me and another woman.

While some courteous fellows are sufficiently fortunate to have accomplices anxious to participate in the fun, this is once in a while the case – luckily, I am companions with many different elite girls, some of whom I feel a unique partiality for, and with whom I am particularly agreeable in offering a truly uninhibited two-young lady session with. If this is something that interests you, let me know and we can perceive what can be planned.


I need my opportunity went through with you to be noteworthy, intriguing and brimming with fun. Additionally, you may know me that I am exceptionally finicky of whom I am to offer my camaraderie as I want to be in arms of recognizing and clever courteous fellows. If you are one of the individuals who might enjoy the close company of sophisticated, sensuous and charming girls, at that point I am your fantasy young lady. Beyond any doubt! You would not be baffled.

I with colleague Mumbai Female Escorts offer both In-call and Out-call services. It is possible that you can welcome at a room of the hotel or the home of your decision or I may assume you for the position you would name it more than Heaven on the earth. Finally, you will get yourself satisfied absolutely in the rain of delight by me.

So don’t get your opportunity as flotsam and jetsam to a dustbin… just remember me.


Somebody asked me for what good reason still I’m working an independent private companion with friends. Offer with friends a comparative experience to companion working for upscale agencies, and now and then experiencing cheap agencies is by all accounts faster and simpler. This discussion started the prospect that a few people who visit my site may ponder the same, especially if they’ve discovered me through directories that basically consist of elite agency girls.

Eagerness for being an Independent for me comes from commitment regarding living it up the same amount of as the individual I am meeting. Adore giving delight and skilled at it, yet having a good time also is a vital part of really amazing sweetheart companionship. Being independent means can evaluate each planned new companion for similarity, and just choose to meet the individuals who interest me. Independent Escorts in Mumbai working for other agencies frequently don’t have that extravagance. Other agencies will screen customers, however, they won’t be able to recognize instinctively or mentally whether they’ll really be good with a buddy.

Additionally, have an unexpected stylish in comparison to numerous girls working for agencies. Informed to me that I’m exquisite and staggering, yet I’m petite, not tall like a model; my bosoms are generous and lively, however, I don’t have implants; my hair is shorter and maybe more refined than you ordinarily find in girls working for other agencies. Cheerful and positive about the way I look, and I would prefer not to work for a business that could expect me to change that. As Mumbai Independent Girls my look can remain consistent with me. If anything about my stylish changes, you can make sure it’s my decision and something I need to do.

If I and colleague Female Escorts in Mumbai agree to meet you, we’re likely going to have an awesome time together on the grounds that something about you sets off that start in me. Also, clearly, if you’ve kept in touch with me, something about me interests you too, regardless of whether it’s my petite stature, my everything regular figure, my affection for exhibition halls and old items. This is the reason spending the private time and push to compose a substantive presentation is so imperative. When you initially get into contact with me, you’re an entire riddle to me. Oh dear, I’m not ready to survey similarity with finish riddles! If somebody keeps in touch with me and offers somewhat about themselves and what influences them to grin, I can evaluate similarity. I’ll be able to tell how well we’ll interface mentally and lewdly.

A large portion of imminent companions looking to pay for a booking is not looking for a devised execution. I’m generally seen as a man, not an entertainer. I do this for joy and as a livelihood. As an Independent Courtesan, I generally stress the delight part of the interest in this demimonde, and I never need to imagine. If I and my friends agree to meet you, you can be sure I need to meet you. This implies the connection we’ll create is significantly more inclined to be certified, and thusly awe-inspiring.



Mental and physical health is important to me as I intend to be an upbeat mother and spouse in the future. I don’t smoke, don’t mishandle alcohol and tranquilizes and could never do anything that may be perilous for my well-being. I rely on your comprehension.

Your Privacy is my most extreme need as High-End Mumbai Escorts. For a date, I generally spruce up rich, proper for an event and with discretion. I hate foulness, have superb conduct and will never influence you to feel awkward on open. Consequently, I rely on your Discretion also: I carry on with a typical extreme life, do escorting as a diversion to zest up my life, expand my background and be coached by gentlemen.

Screening is basic for a first time date. The individuals who are not kidding won’t have any issues with furnishing me with some individual information to influence me to feel secure and agreeable while going for our date!

Once I’ve arrived please have the fixed Gift in an envelope and hand it to me discreetly toward the start of the meeting, an initial 10 minutes. This is essential, as it permits us both to unwind and appreciate the time together. Kindly don’t subject me to the awkward circumstance of requesting my Reward since this spots me in a fragile and disagreeable position. The pleasure is all mine to utilize your creative energy and put my present whether in a tasteful blessing sack, card or a chocolate box.

Respect, flawless style and immaculate hygiene constitute the equation of honest to goodness accomplishment with a lady and are always exceedingly refreshing !! 😉

In case you’re wondering about my Escorts Service in Mumbai, let me advise you that I’m a high-end private companion and not a call girl or an exhausted sex provider, in this manner I have no “Services List”. Despite the fact that I may venerate clear sex, I consider each sexual enterprise I set out an exceptional unobtrusive delight for body and mind which includes a specific measure of Creativity, Wittiness, and Patience. I can just put forth a valiant effort and get the genuine joy when I don’t hesitate to give our date the “normal stream”, be unconstrained, casual, perky and experience our private time together with genuine energy and feelings. I’m interested in your sensual situation recommendations and consider your own requests, yet I don’t care for the sentiment being obliged to take somebody’s request or be utilized similarly as a body for mechanical physical intercourse.

What I like is having fortifying discussions, being a tease, prodding, tempting, arising your exotic nature and sexuality. I need you to appreciate each snapshot of the exhilarating vulgar air and draw out the foreplay that will prompt the blasting, delightful and finish sexual fulfillment. Men who get in touch with me need to be tested and charmed.




I am an aficionado of delicate, honest closeness. My specialisms incorporate arousing touching, brassy grins and prodding, and lashings of care and consideration. Mutual pleasure is likely.

I want to be tactile and tender, and if you stroke me delicately all finished I’ll soon be putty in your grasp. Kissing and snuggling are guaranteed and energized.

I don’t offer any unsafe Mumbai Call Girls Services, anything too much untidy or anything which conveys an important well-being hazard, since I have confidence in securing myself and you. I trust you do as well!


Is it true that you are shy? New to this? New to sex? You’re a shy personality or have any stresses over sex or closeness then I would be enchanted to spend private time with you.

I can give a kind of sex-treatment encounter, or just take additional care of you amid the meeting. I have a specific enthusiasm for sexuality and commit a great deal of my opportunity to find out about it. I appreciate helping customers to enhance their certainty and their sexual coexistence – in the time I’ve been working my on-ask for sex ‘lessons’* have shown extremely well known. The chance to hone, commit errors, and get guidance in a safe and non-judgmental condition can improve things significantly.

I’ve had the honor of seeing some astounding individuals bloom into beguiling, open and touchy darlings. I additionally know a great deal about sexual well being and will be glad to answer any inquiries on that front as well.

Note: You’ll no uncertainty value that nobody can ‘show sex’, in light of the fact that each sexual accomplice is extraordinary and new and awesome. Nonetheless, it is frequently valuable for individuals to learn things and practice and to make sense of methods for speaking with sexual Mumbai High Class Escorts some time recently, amid and after sex. Having a go at these things enables you to have some trust in your capacity to unwind amid sex. You’ll soon observe there’s nothing to stress over and that sex is a delightfully defective and agreeable endeavor. How would you know when you’re hitting the nail on the head? Everybody’s having fun.


I am something of a BDSM devotee and offer domme sessions and light-submission. If you’d get a kick out of the chance to inquire about BDSM services, please connect.

To guarantee that both my customers and I encounter the most joy and happiness regarding our opportunity together, I do have some own rules. My rules include the things that by and large apply between two adults, and are vital hints for those of you who are new to my services. Observe them, please. As a customer, you may have desires that I will go well beyond to satisfy; I do require that you regard my desires too.

Always Be A Gentlemen

Etiquette does not just apply to the appearance of Mumbai Independent Girls or clients. Having great behavior is an imperative character characteristic I expect in a refined gentleman. I request that you be caring and gracious as I guarantee you will receive these attributes consequently from me. Be amenable, and above all, be deferential of my inclination and wishes; doing as such will prompt a more than pleasurable experience and a progressing companionship between us, as the best connections come from a position of becoming more acquainted with each other more after some time.

Ready For The date

Faultless individual cleanliness is a flat out must. Prior to our date, wash up, prepare yourself, and so forth with the goal that we can have an agreeable and exciting knowledge. Housing are relied upon to be sheltered and secure whether it’s in the Mumbai or, on the other hand anyplace else over the city. I am timely and I will reach your hotel room or place 5 minutes before our booked arrangement.

Gift Handling

Cash in Rupee is the most favored and helpful way clients can pay for my services. You are relied upon to pay for everything and there are no bargains in such manner. It is fitting and favored for you to pay me upon my entry to evade any future burdens.

Liquor And Drugs

Client loyalty implies more than whatever else to me. I do most anything to make my clients past satisfied and abandon them on Cloud 9 as they regard my sentiments. If it’s not too much trouble cease from taking inordinate liquor or drugs; doing as such will end our meeting, or can be grounds to dismiss the arrangement altogether.

Vulgar Language Use

You are required to maintain your best possible behavior. Be well mannered, gracious, and conscious when you get in touch with me. Kindly don’t share any of the substance containing offensive, slanderous, defamatory.

Method Of Communication

Subsequent to affirming the date and time, you can book your meeting through E-mail. I don’t answer unexpected calls and any unscheduled calls or messages will be answered by the staff for the booking colleague Call Girls in Mumbai.

Treat me like a princess, and I will treat you like a prince.


The explanations behind going for an expert rather than a one-night stand are interminable and clear from our perspective, yet I comprehend that many are interested regarding why dating me and furthermore spend some cash while doing that when you can have a pleasant old attach in a bar and end things with a one-night stand. That is the reason I plan to present you a few of reasons why dating me and my friends is the correct thing to do over the long haul.


The main things can influence you to pick an one-night stand is the excite of the pursuit and the inclination that you have attempted to prevail upon her. It is more about the fun than the real sexual enterprise. Be that as it may here is the place preferences stop and I will clear you why:

1. I Promises You Have A Decent Time

I am an expert darling, an all around prepared flirt and an accomplished girl with regards to satisfying fantasied and wants. Amid a date with a high profile girl, you can make certain that you’ll have your reality shook and your most private wants satisfied, and all that while getting a charge out of the organization of a lovely, tasteful, exquisite girl. While with regards to one-night stands we can’t state the same since you never know the nature of your sweetheart, her confines, the things that she needs or wouldn’t like to do and her want to satisfy you.


2. The Female Escorts in Mumbai Is Dependably Fit For Perfect Figure

While amid a one-night stand the young lady may be flushed, timid, not ready for sex, amid an elite girl date you can make certain that the woman you’re going to meet is looking fit in shape, impeccably prepared, wearing an underhanded, rich underwear piece and dressed to inspire. She will ensure that she has with her beginning and end that you may require, keeping in mind the end goal to make the night special – from candles and music to sex toys and ensembles for role-playing.

3. With Me, Your Necessities Start Things Out

For me, your total fulfillment is a top need, that is the reason she will make everything in her energy to satisfy you and to satisfy some of your most out of control dreams. Each move that she makes, each kiss and touch is intended to influence you to feel exceptional, casual and happy. Be that as it may while having a one-night stand we unquestionably can’t discuss you, in light of the fact that your private partner needs and her fulfillment are likewise imperative. Also, that is the reason a one-night stand is unique in relation to this perspective, in light of the fact that there is a great deal of strain to perform and to fulfill, rather than simply unwind and being dealt with, much the same as it occurs amid an escort date.


4. A Date Is Without A Doubt A Disease Free One

A high-end-girl from Escorts Agency in Mumbai, booked after you’ve done some exploration and read a few references, is a woman that deals with herself, that performs the consistent therapeutic check up and is constantly perfect, naturally prepared and attractive looking. In this way, amid a date with an escort, you can rest guarantee, realizing that you don’t need to stress over sicknesses or cleanliness. Yet, consider attaching with a young lady following a night of moving, celebrating, drinking and overwhelming sweating and furthermore contemplate her medicinal history. Presently figure exactly how safe would you be able to be with Mumbai Call Girls like that, grabbed from a bar, in cross-examination with an elite girl you’ve chosen in the wake of doing some exploration and knowing a few realities about her. It’s an enormous distinction that can be found in the nature of the sex and the true serenity amid your date, realizing that you don’t need to stress over STD’s or other conceivable therapeutic conditions.

5. A Good Choice Versus A Liquor Impeded One

We as a whole know the stories or been in the circumstance of connecting with a cutie toward the finish of a long, substantial drinking night and awakening alongside a not all that alluring Call Girls in Mumbai. That happens in light of the fact that when attaching in a bar, following a night of celebrating, the liquor is the one that settles on the choices for you, and those choices are not generally the best ones. In any case, when I discuss dating an elite girl, the selection procedure is all on you and suggests overwhelming exploration, looking through photographs, looking through the list of service. What’s more, that implies just a single thing: what you pick is precisely what you get!

6. No Strings Attached

That is the enchantment of elite girl dating! You don’t need to stress over offending your partner if after sex you need to have the bed for yourself, or if you would prefer not to stay in contact after that one night. There are no special requirements, no hurt emotions, no disdain, simply great, old fun with a wonderful, experienced sweetheart!

I can’t state a similar thing while having a one-night stand since that practically every time transforms into a rest over. Additionally, at a one-night stay, there is dependably the hazard that one accomplice needs more from the other and he/she can’t take the clue that everything was only a one-time thing. What’s more, that transforms into dramatization and show is not what you are searching for when connecting!

Remember all that, next time you feel horny and good to go. Visit an expert Mumbai Escorts Agency or courtesan site just like mine, to book a dazzling woman and your fun is ensured!



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